Bourbon School District announces reopening guidelines

The Bourbon School District released its reopening plan to parents on Tuesday. The following information was released:

    The Crawford County R-1 School District values the educational environment for our students and our community as a whole. Navigating the ever evolving developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic have presented numerous challenges. Our schools are designed to educate students through social, face-to-face interactions, in relatively close spaces and in large groups. The benefits of this approach to education have long term acceptance and the success of this method is well proven.
    As we plan for a school year likely to be continuously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the priorities of the Crawford County R-1 School District is to:
    • Provide environments that are as safe as possible for students and staff.
    • Provide equitable, guaranteed, and viable education for all students.

    The administrative team and School Board have worked diligently to plan for the regular school year. It is recognized that varying opinions exist within our community about how to safeguard our students while still providing a rigorous educational program that prepares our students for their future. Using input from our community along with guidelines from state and local health agencies, Crawford County R-1 will be implementing the following plan for the 2020-2021 school year. These plans are subject to change as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create a need for adjustment.

    Within this plan the following general parameters will guide our actions:
    • Establish a plan of daily screening for illness or exposure to the novel coronavirus.
    • Minimize interaction through staggered lunch times and alternate common space usage.
    • Keep students in cohorts to the extent possible with detailed records of close contacts.
    • Encourage physical distancing of students, to the extent possible.
    • Avoid large gatherings that mix multiple groups and do not allow for social distancing.
    • Develop plans to respond to changes in the level of transmission in the community.

    Questions and/or concerns should be addressed to the building principals or the superintendent of schools. This is a live document based on the most current information available. Please anticipate changes as we move closer to the start of the school year.

    It is recommended that students are in-person for learning as much as possible. The value of having the teacher with the student to provide direct instruction and immediate feedback cannot be underestimated. In addition, it provides students a consistent schedule, positive routines, and social interaction that is necessary for their emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

    Recognizing the ever changing nature of education and use of technology in today’s society as well as the concerns regarding the Covid pandemic we also acknowledge the need to prepare our students with virtual learning. As part of our learning program for the 2020-2021 school year we will offer in-person and virtual learning for our students.

    For the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year we will offer two learning options.

    Option 1 is for students to attend in-person learning during normal school time.

    Option 2 accommodates families and students who are uncomfortable with returning to the public school setting at this time. Option 2 allows students to attend school on-line 100% of the time.

    Our students must choose one of these learning options and commit to following it for the duration of the first semester.

    There will be a 15 school day trial period for these modes of learning. Students will have until September 16 to commit fully to virtual/distance learning or in-person learning.

The two learning options for the Crawford County R-1 School District are as follows:

In-person learning - Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-3:15 PM (HS), 8:05 AM-3:20 PM (Elementary/MS)

In-person learning will be in class with the teacher and other students five days each week. Target class sizes will be 20 and below. The classrooms will be arranged to provide space between students when possible. Instruction will follow the typical delivery models of lecture, practice, discussion, presentations, labs, etc.

Virtual learning - Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-3:20 PM, selected times as assigned by the teacher
    Elementary/MS Virtual Learning-Students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade will be assigned to a grade level teacher and will log in each day for math, writing, reading, and social studies instruction. During this time they will hear the teacher's lesson and class discussion. Work that students are required to complete independently will be posted electronically. Students will be able to ask the teacher for assistance during these virtual live sessions or via online communication. Supplemental digital lessons will also be posted for student and parent reference. Specials area teachers (art, music, PE) will post weekly activities on their Google classroom site for students to access and complete. Specials teachers will maintain contact with these students.
    MS/HS Virtual Learning Students-Students in grades 7th through 12th will be assigned a complete schedule of classes and will log on to live class sessions each day, the teacher will direct them on the length of required time to be present at the live virtual session. Students will be assigned elective courses to match their needs. These elective courses will be a combination of course content provided by the teacher or courses provided by our district on-line system of PEAK Education. Teachers will also post video lessons for students that will support additional learning.
    School issued Chromebooks will be provided but it is the responsibility of the family to have sufficient internet capability to support online learning for all students in the home.
    Core classes (English, science, mathematics, and history) will be available with the same curriculum and standards as offered for in-person learning. Elective course offerings for students in grades 7-12 will be limited but will still be comprehensive in nature to allow students to gain the needed graduation requirements.
    Materials that are necessary for learning that cannot be shared electronically will be available for pickup by the student on Monday of each week.
    Students will submit work electronically or bring it to the school office as directed by the teachers.
    If this model is selected the student is not able to participate in sports or extracurricular trips. Clubs may host virtual meetings to involve the virtual students if they so choose.


    • K-8 parent drop-off will be a car lane only to reduce the number of people entering the building at the Elementary and Middle School Office Entrances.
    • Parents should remain in cars and drop all students off at the elementary entry. Elementary students will enter the building by the elementary office and middle school students will enter through the 5th/6th grade wing.
    • Students will go straight to their classroom or designated areas upon arrival.
    • High School students will enter the building and report to their first hour classes.

    • K-8 parent pick-up will be car lane only to avoid parent gatherings at the front of the school building at the Elementary entrance.
    • Parents will pull up to the designated pick-up spots, show their pick-up card, and the student(s) will be sent out from the building.
    • Middle School students will wait outside the 5th/6th grade wing and when they see their family member pull up to the elementary drive will either go to their car or join their elementary siblings while loading.
    • Middle School students without elementary siblings will use the Starhawk Drive parking lot for student pick up.

    • Bus routes have been added and modified to reduce the amount of students on each bus.
    • Assigned seats will be used.
    • Students riding the bus, from the same household, will be required to sit together.
    • Buses will load from back to front in order to avoid exposure as new students load.
    • No more than two students from separate households will be seated together.
    • Buses will be appropriately disinfected after morning and afternoon routes
    • Buses will have hand sanitizer available to students.
    • Parents are encouraged to provide transportation to and from school when possible in order to limit the amount of riders on the buses.
    • Bus riders will be limited to only two pick up and drop off locations.
    • Students attending RTI will be assigned seats and spaced appropriately on the bus.

    • Grades K-4th grades will eat breakfast in the cafeteria with spacing provided between students.
    • For 5th-12th grades, breakfast will be bagged (grab and go) and will be eaten in classrooms.

    • Kindergarten students will eat in the cafeteria daily with spacing between students and classes.
    • Grades 1st-8th will eat in the Elementary/MS cafeteria on a rotational basis with spacing between students and classes.
    • On weeks where a grade level is not assigned to eat in the cafeteria, meals will be delivered to their classrooms and they will eat at their desks.
    • The tables will be sanitized between each lunch shift.
    • All food will be served by the food service staff members. No self-service stations will be available.
    • Pre-packaged/sack lunch options will be available.
    • All food service workers will wear masks during service times.
    • The High School tables for lunch will be spread into the Commons area and the cafeteria to provide increased spacing between students during lunch shifts. Select classrooms will also be available for added lunch options if necessary. Weather permitting, outdoor space will also be utilized for lunch. Students will have assigned areas for seating and will be required to sit in these areas each lunch shift.

    • Students will be spaced with consideration to practice social distancing when appropriate.
    • Students will be taught appropriate hygiene/COVID practices.
    • Students will keep their supplies for use in the classroom and will not share supplies with other students.
    • Parents will need to send a water bottle, as drinking fountains will have limited availability.
    • Frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing will be routine.
    • Appropriate measures will be taken for cleaning school devices and supplies.
    • Students will be monitored for illness prior to starting class and throughout the day. If illness is observed, the student will be sent to the nurse immediately.
    • Classrooms will host virtual meetings with neighboring classrooms in order to maintain community throughout the school.
    • At the High School and Middle School disinfectant wipes will be used at the end of each class period to prepare for the incoming group.

Passing Periods
    • 5th and 6th grade teachers will switch classrooms while the students remain in their home classroom throughout the day.
    • 7th and 8th grade will have a staggered bell schedule so that only one grade is in the hallway at any given time.
    • High School hallways are larger and provide greater opportunity for spacing. Students at the HS level will be encouraged to avoid close contact during passing times. The use of a backpack to move through the day is permitted to enable students to go directly from one classroom to the next.
    • During passing times 7th-12th grade will use school issued gaiters for facial covering while in the hallways in the commons areas of the school.
    • Teachers will monitor students to discourage large groups from congregating in areas of the hallways during passing times.

    • Only one grade is assigned to the playground at any given time. Each class will have designated areas of the playground to utilize on any given day. The use of these areas will rotate each day.

    • Practices will continue to be held with safety measures in place to prepare for the 2020-2021 sports seasons. These include: Self-monitoring by student athletes; Limiting interaction and contact when possible; Increased sanitation protocols of facilities, locker rooms, and equipment.
    •  Sporting events will be held with the following safety measures in place: Monitoring and communication with the opposing teams for outbreaks in their community; Social distancing on the bleachers (families sit together but separated from other family units); Facial coverings recommended (not required).

Cleaning and Hygiene
    • Routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and areas will take place.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available to all students and staff.
    • The use of an electrostatic sprayer for disinfecting purposes will be used in all high traffic areas on a daily basis. All classrooms will be sprayed on Friday and Tuesday evening at a minimum. Buses will be sprayed after each route/trip.
    • The cleaning of all these spaces using this device will be logged and carefully monitored.
    • The district is working to install Global Plasma Solutions in all high traffic areas throughout the district. These devices are designed to improve air filtration. This technology attacks and kills viruses, mold spores, and bacteria in the air.
    • Parents may send hand sanitizer for student’s personal use.
    • Faculty and staff will be trained to recognize symptoms that may be associated with COVID-19.
    • Nurses will be visible during arrival to monitor any students arriving with health concerns.
    • Staff members will self-screen prior to work each day. A brief self-screening questionnaire will be completed and submitted by the staff upon reporting to work each day. The school nurse and administration will check with staff members on a regular basis regarding any health concerns or outside Covid contact.
    • Parents are encouraged to screen students at home prior to sending them to school.
    • The CDC lists the following as possible symptoms of COVID-19: A fever of 100 degrees or higher; Cough; Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; Chills; Repeated shaking with chills; Muscle pain; Headache; Sore throat; Newly emerged loss of taste or smell.
    • Any student or staff experiencing symptoms of illness must stay home.
    • Students or staff demonstrating symptoms will be sent home immediately.
    • Students will be quarantined to a separate room until pick-up. Students will be required to wear a mask until they are sent home.
    • Prior to returning to school, they must consult the school nurse, complete a reentry questionnaire with the nurse, and/or provide documentation from the physician.

    • Parents/visitors will be permitted to visit the building offices but will not have access to any other areas in the building without permission by the administrator.
    • The High School and Middle School office will hold visitors in the entryways whenever possible.
    • The Elementary office will require visitors to social distance upon entry to the office.

    • Use of masks by students in grades 7-12 will be expected when students are in common areas and during passing times. Students may choose to wear facial coverings in classrooms but are not required to do so.
    • Elementary students are not required to have face masks but the use of personal masks will be allowed for these students.
    • If personal masks are sent from home, the staff is not responsible for the assurance that the student wears the mask all day or accurately. It will be the student’s responsibility.
    • Faculty and staff will use facial coverings when in hallways and in common areas of the school.
    • Bus drivers will wear face masks during bus routes.
    • Facial coverings must be designed for the purposes of safeguarding against the spread of Covid. Bandanas, ski masks, and other face coverings that could present a distraction or safety concern will not be allowed.