Auxier has what it takes to be commissioner

    Joey Auxier is qualified to be the next great Phelps County Commissioner. Eastern Phelps County must have a commissioner who understands the needs of Rolla, St. James and rural Phelps County from Seat and Winkler to Rosati, Flag Springs and Royal.

Joey is such a candidate, growing up in Dillon Township with a St. James phone number and Rolla address. He is a generational farmer and respected businessman in Rolla, St. James and many communities across the state.
    Joey is the one candidate who: will not be looking for the next political position if they achieve this one; will represent all eastern Phelps County and not just the interests of the hospital and university; does not have an ax to grind and is young enough to make a lasting positive impact on Phelps County.
    In 25 years of public service to Phelps County, I have had the privilege to work with truly great county commissioners: Glendon Klossner, Randy Verkamp, Bud Dean and Larry Stratman. What made them great? They were genuine people, who had a genuine love and interest for all of Phelps County and the surrounding region. Joey Auxier is the person of such character to vote for in the Republican primary on Tuesday, August 4.
Rodney Edwards
St. James