Invest in family, friends and personal health

    Just sharing my heart…COVID and the political divisiveness in this country are wearing people down emotionally and destroying the economy.

    I'm weary of all the political debates and relationship dividing discussions as people force their opinions on each other. I'm too old, too weak, and too tired to let my soul become drained by all the pushing, pulling, and poking about politics, COVID, and face masks.
    People need empathy, not bashing. We need to move toward each other without driving wedges of politics and causes between us.
    Here’s an idea: Perhaps many of us need to enjoy a quiet moment with each other—cup of coffee, a glass of wine, away from the noise
    I find my comfort in safe friendships, not polarizing around causes. I don't know where many of my friends and family stand on politics, COVID, etc.
    I can't control what happens in Washington, D.C. I have only one vote, and I'll do my best to cast it where I believe it should go. I'm trusting if my vote is wrong, God will still take care of me.
    Of course, we can only vote for a president once every four years. That’s a great responsibility, but, in proportion to my everyday life, it’s relatively small.
    My family, friends, and my own emotional, physical and spiritual health are my largest responsibilities. Because of that, I invest most of my time with them and personal health. I will cast that vote all day and every day.
    I vote for us. How about you?
Phillip Cohen
St. James