Why does Cuba Senior Center remain closed?

    Why is the Cuba Senior Center staying closed? It is shut down tighter than a quarantined politician. No one knows (or not telling).

    After four months closed, I wanted to know why this senior center is staying shut down while the centers in St. James and Steelville have been open for almost two months. When you ask, there are many answers: We don’t know, maybe some time; the virus is spiking; seniors scared; maybe next month, or 2021. Even the Cuba Senior Board doesn’t know squat.
    I wanted to find out the truth instead of fake news. The official in Jefferson City in the Department of Aging said since we are Stage 2, the center can reopen. He also stated it a county problem. Next I called the Crawford Health Department. She said that it is not the county, but local. Next, I checked the Cuba Senior Center. The answer was we don’t know, and why do you care! You don’t eat here much. That was a poor excuse from someone “in charge.”
    The real reason is this center is funded by Aging Best, a non-for-profit corporation in Columbia, Missouri. These people tell the local center what to do: open, close, lockdown, whatever. They are worried that seniors will get out and maybe die from the virus. It can happen. It did in the nursing homes in New York.
    Pick up meals and meals on wheels are great. Seniors need nutritious food. They also need people to talk to, play bingo, cards, read, exercise and just be with other seniors. Mental health is important as food. The next time I see my friends will probably be at the funeral home. This agency and center has lost their mandate: to serve our seniors.
    St. James and Steelville have excellent centers for seniors. They have great food, social events and many activities. When I go to St. James, they are glad to see you and talk to you. Great caring people.
    If you want to complain to this corporation, call Janice Claas at 573-796-2885 in Columbia. I just hope these people are not from New York or California. Good luck.
David Wheeler