Student registering for fall classes will have two options

    Online registration for the fall semester at St. James schools is underway and students will have two options when registering, in-person or virtual courses. The district is asking students to register as soon as possible so it can plan for the return of students.

    Due to COVID-19, this year’s school year will look and feel different from any other year. The district believes the most effective way to students to learn is by being in the classroom with a teacher, but understands some families may not want their students to be in school buildings.
    Because of this, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade will also be presented virtually as an alternative to in the classroom learning. When students register online, they will be presented with the two options and should select which method of instruction they plan on using when school reopens on August 25.
    Traditional seated learning will take place on campus with classes using face-to-face instruction from St. James teachers. Transportation will be provided to and from school. The district will be following state and local guidance to ensure students are safe, sanitary, and secure during the school day. The district has invested money into providing hand sanitizer stations, masks, and other methods to ensure buildings are as clean as possible and students are following guidelines to keep them safe. Masks will be required for all students, other than pre-kindergarten, throughout the day.
    In the event of a school closure, students will continue to get educational instruction through Alternative Methods of Instruction and the district is prepared should a positive COVID-19 event occur. St. James schools will follow state and local guidelines as they are presented, with the district acknowledging things are fluid and parents will be made aware as adjustments are made throughout the school year.
    Virtual learning will be a structured schedule of online learning with St. James teachers using a digital platform such as Canvas and Google Classroom. Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade will be using a virtual learning platform call Acellus, which is from the Academy of Science and offers a platform aligned with Missouri Learning Standards. For those learning virtually, classwork will be completed independently with teacher support. There will be an attendance requirement and grading policies, as done in the classroom, will apply.
    While this year will be unlike any other, the district is committed to helping students as they return to school. Those who begin in the classroom instruction can move to a virtual environment later, but the district is asking once someone goes virtual, they remain that way until the end of the semester.
    Registration can be completed on the district’s website at Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact their school or district administration to learn what they can expect from the upcoming school year. The district is taking every step to offer education during the pandemic and expects to make changes as the year progresses based on what the return of school looks like once students are once again using the facilities. The district asks those enrolling to do so as soon as possible so preparations can be made.