These are rough times

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    It goes without saying that America is going through some rough times but there is a glimmer of hope. President Trump is telling us that American is fortunate in that the coronavirus has not reached America yet but if it does for us not to worry, he will stop it.

    He went on to say that all of the reports of the spike in new cases and all of the deaths were just more fake news and was really just Democrats trying to make him look bad. When Melania heard this she said, “Donald you are my husband and I love you but when it comes to making you look bad you don’t need any outside help because you do it quite well by yourself.”
    Nancy Pelosi chimed in about how glad she was that the Democrats had always been honest, straightforward and strictly up front with the American people. Now if that doesn’t make you laugh then you have a problem.
    We have people who lambaste Democrats for their beliefs which is their endorsement of abortion.    
    I was born and raised in a staunch Democrat family but I am one of those people who has a mind of my own and I don’t automatically believe everything the Democrat party endorses. My feeling on abortion is that it is murder and any doctor who performs one should be charged with murder. Some people say the woman’s body is her own and she should be able to do what she wants to with it. What about the totally helpless baby it should not have to die just because it’s birth would be an inconvenience for one or both of its parents.
    In this day and age the popular chant is “Black Lives Matter,” and I agree but I would add “All Lives Matter.”
    Recently a black retired police captain was shot and killed by protesters in St. Louis. I haven’t heard a peep out of anyone about this. Do black lives only matter when a black person is killed by a white person?
    Another popular chant is “Defund the Police.” This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. You endorse this then ask yourself, “If my life was being threatened and there was no police who would I call?” Would it be one of the activists who championed the cause? We have “bad apples” in law enforcement who have no business wearing a uniform but the overwhelming majority of them are honest, hardworking, dedicated people that we could not do without. We keep looking to our elected officials for the answers to our problems. God gave us the Ten Commandments and they are commandments and not suggestions. We could do away with all our manmade laws and live strictly by these commandments and we would be in good shape.
    In closing let me say, we have people who profess to be Christians but when someone disagrees with them, they get mad and start calling that person vile names. No true Christian should do this and we should not try to force our beliefs onto other people. If you disagree with anything, I have said I will love you and I will pray for you no matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or a guess what.
Ray Plank