Don’t let the mob rule

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    History is replete with examples of mob rule. Following the time of the Caesars, Rome was scourged by groups of citizens allowed to pillage when politicians thought it was to their advantage. During the “Reign of Terror” of the French Revolution many people were executed, oft times simply for having the misfortune of being related to royal blood. Likewise, Hitler used mob rule to intimidate his enemies on the pretense that they (in particular the Jews) were the cause of Germany’s problems. Now, our country has a group of poorly educated thugs trying to destabilize our society.

    The primary cause of the present unrest is the reluctance of elected leaders to maintain law and order in our major cities. Examples of such poor leadership are prolific; the mayor of New York allowing criminals to run freely, the governor of Oregon encouraging criminals by joining a crowd of violent protesters during attacks on police, the mayor of Chicago trying to shift the blame on President Trump for her own incompetence, the prosecuting attorney of St. Louis indicting a couple for the “crime” of defending their property from the threats of a mob trespassing after breaking through a gate at the entrance to their community. The whole group, along with the mayor of Seattle, who referred to the obviously violent demonstration in her city as a peaceful protest.
    To counteract this problem escalating in our country, we might follow the sound ideas of Dan Crenshaw who gives a rational explanation of the situation in his book “Fortitude.” Basically he says that we must not be intimidated by the politically correct mob of young people who will not accept responsibility for their lawless actions. They unfortunately believe themselves to be some kind of heroes when actually they are exhibiting cowardly and criminal behavior.
    If we continue to allow these conditions to prevail, our society is doomed. When people destroy statues of Washington and Jefferson, they are obviously ignorant of the history of our great Republic. This is a situation where poorly educated thugs are intent on destroying the very fabric of our culture. We must not allow these individuals to whom anarchy is a virtue to destroy our country by following the examples of the mobs of ancient Rome, the perverse villains of the French Revolution and the despicable bullies of Hitler’s Germany.
Don Sellers