Food pantry doing a wonderful job

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    I want to commend Administrator Linda Plank and the volunteers at the Cuba Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry for the well-organized and diligent work they do in distributing food to those in need. I had the privilege of working with them in June and was very impressed.

    The normal load of cars of those qualifying for once a month reception is spread over every Thursday and Friday, but on the third Tuesday morning anyone can come to Hood Park, and it is a car every two to three minutes for three to four hours with boxes and bags of groceries plus other items—watermelons and whatever—placed into each vehicle.
    While my schedule in July kept me from being there, I look forward to helping in the future when their need and my schedule coincide.
    I certainly pray God's blessings upon them as they do the Lord's work.
Pastor Norman Heironimus