St. James schools announce sports attendance guidelines

    Following a joint announcement on sports attendance guidelines released by the Four-Rivers Conference school a week earlier, the St. James School District has formally adopted its own requirements for fans wanting to attend home games. The guidelines include mandatory mask use for all indoor events.

    Athletic Director Greg Harlan released the district’s guidelines on August 27. The plan includes five “tiers” the district will following in deciding how many fans get to attend games and events. The district will begin the fall season under Tier 4.
    Tier 1 would allow attendance for only essential personnel, including participants, coaches, game officials, school administrators, event staff, medical staff, and security. There would be no spectators and no concessions.
    Under Tier 2, essential personnel would be permitted to attend, along with a limited number of spectators—including band members and cheerleaders—who would be allowed entry under a voucher system (for parents and family). School concessions would also be allowed.
    Tier 3 would expand those allowed to attend games from those allowed under the first two tiers to also include high school students allowed under a voucher system. This plan also includes school concessions.
    Tier 4, which is where the fall seasons will begin, will allow for essential personnel, player vouchers (for parents and family), student vouchers, and a limited number of spectator vouchers. There will also be school concessions.
    Under Tier 5, there would be no limits on attendance and there would be both school concessions and outside vendors.
    Starting under the Tier 4 system, the school district noted that game capacity may change when necessary to ensure the best opportunity for teams and players to complete their seasons.
    For indoor events, all spectators must wear a mask to and during all events. For outside games, spectators sitting in the main bleachers of the football stadium will also be required to wear a mask, although spectators who sit or stand on the side of the main bleachers can remove their masks as long as they maintain three to six feet of social distancing.
    Ticket vouchers will allow a person to pay for entry into games and can be picked up at the High School Attendance Office​ from Tuesday at 9 a.m. through Friday at noon. In order to gain admission to a ​varsity volleyball​ (away), varsity football ​(home or away), or​ middle school girls basketball​ (away) contest, everyone ​must have a ticket game voucher​.
    To start the season, no ticket voucher will be necessary for home or away ​JV football, varsity softball, cross country or middle school football​. Any student eighth grade and below must be accompanied by an adult at all varsity football and varsity volleyball games.
    At the football stadium, capacity will be limited to 50 percent, which is 950 fans. The home team will receive 775 tickets and the visitors will get 250 tickets.
    For volleyball games, which will be held in the middle school gym, attendance will also be capped at 50 percent, which is 500 fans. The home team will receive 425 tickets and the visitors will get 75 tickets.
    For softball and cross country, there will be open seating with limited capacity. The school district has recommended that only families attend and they bring their own chairs for socially distanced seating. Masks will be highly recommended, but no ticket vouchers will be necessary.