We could lose a lot

    What do we have to lose? First, the passing of RBG means that the ACA will most likely be struck down by the court in November no matter who wins the election.

    That means no coverage for pre-existing conditions including COVID, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions. No Medicaid Expansion even though Missouri voters want it. No coverage for birth control, pregnancies and mammograms. Being a woman will now be a pre-existing condition.
    And second, President Trump signed an Executive Order on August 8 that deferred social security payroll tax until December. That way people will have more money in their paychecks but they will have to pay it back starting in January. If Trump is reelected it will become permanent and we will no longer have Social Security, SS Disability and Medicare.
    So we have a lot to lose! Also, many of the Democrat campaign signs that we have put out all across the region have been stolen or taken down. The Republicans are trampling on our Constitution and I feel like they are trying to take away my First Amendment right of free speech. Vote early and vote Democratic. Our Republic is in peril.
Ellen Bowles

    EDITOR’S NOTE: President Trump’s Executive Order deferring payroll tax cannot become permanent without congressional approval.