Crooks or low-lifes?

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    By the time this is published we will have less than a month before the election. The election is when we either elect or re-elect a bunch of crooks and low lifes to “lead” us. I know they are all crooks and low lifes because each one of them say that about their opponent and I refuse to believe that anyone running for public office would knowingly lie about anything unless they were by themselves or with someone.

    If they are running for re-election why can’t they just give us the unvarnished truth about their record and let us decide on whether or not to re-elect them?
    If they are running for election why can’t they just tell us what they will try to do if elected and leave the rest to us? My questions is if all of them have all the answers to all of our problems why do we have all of the problems that we have? Now we are seeing ads for “Trump Bear” and in one segment a woman is sitting down with a bear on her lap. She unzips the back of it and pulls out an American Flag and uses it to cover up with.
    My thoughts on this are that you don’t wad the flag up like this and you don’t cover up with it. I would feel exactly the same no matter what the bear was called. Just remember to vote and no matter who wins our troubles will all be over.
Ray Plank