Dems run the House

    My response to the two letters in last week’s paper: regarding Ms. Bowles letter, virtually since the inception of Social Security when a presidential election was coming up, Democrats have always pulled out the old time honored scare tactic to senior citizens, that the Republicans are going to take away your Social Security.

    Now you’ve added SS Disability and Medicare. Didn’t you forget SSI and Medicaid? Look at your Democratic platform on their website. If the far left progressives get their way, you won’t recognize American after they get through with their agenda. It is no longer your father’s and grandfather’s party.
    As for Mr. Vokac’s letter, ask any God fearing individual who believes in a supreme being if they consider themselves a Christian. That in itself, to most people is not promoting a particular religion.
    Your statement about the first round of COVID-19 relief giving $10 billion to religious organizations. Are you not aware that any bill requiring funding must originate or be approved by a majority in the House of Representatives? Since the Democrats have the majority in the House, then they and Speaker Nancy Pelosi must have voted for it. The bill would never have gone to the Senate or the president for his signature if the House hadn’t first approved it. So if you aren’t happy about where your tax dollars are spent, maybe you should start calling or writing to the party in charge of the House of Representatives.
Juanita Skyles