Collector and Assessor to close lobby to public

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    Crawford County taxpayers will not be able to hand-deliver their annual property and real estate tax payments this year. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Collector Pat Schwent and Assessor Kellie Vestal have determined to close the lobby to their adjoining offices beginning on November 1 through December 31.

    Guidelines, including the following, will be included in annual tax statements, scheduled to be mailed around November 1.
    While tax payments may not be dropped off inside the building, payments to the Crawford County Collector’s office may be made via mail, drop box, website and telephone.
    Collector Schwent encourages those who intend to send payment by mail on the last day (December 31) to take the payment inside the post office to have the postal clerk stamp the envelope to ensure the payment is postmarked appropriately.
    The drop box is located outside of the Assessor/Collector building and allows payments to be placed inside the building. Payments must be placed in the drop box by midnight on December 31 in order to avoid late fees.
    Payments may also be made online at . For payments of $60 or less, the credit/debit card company will charge a fee of $1.50. Payments over that amount will be assessed a fee of 2.4 percent on the base amount due.
    For payments by phone, the collector’s office will partner with their credit/debit card company to provide an 800-number to Crawford County that will allow taxpayers to call and pay their taxes by telephone. That number will be included with the tax statements. For payments made by phone, the same charges will be assessed as those for paying online.
    Payments made via the website or telephone will be processed and paid tax receipts will be issued the next business day. Schwent noted that is important to prepare for, especially for those who need a paid tax receipt to purchase vehicle tags.
    Schwent also reminded taxpayers that changes in assessed values, missing personal property, address changes, or ownership on tax statements must be made through the assessor’s office, not the collector’s office.
    In her portion of the guidelines, Assessor Kellie Vestal noted, “From the inception of this pandemic, we here in the assessor’s office have discouraged people from visiting the office in consideration for your safety and ours. We have been able to accommodate most with phone calls, email and faxing. If you feel it necessary to discuss any issues of assessed value in person, we will gladly make an appointment to meet with you. When meeting with myself or my staff, the CDC guidelines will be adhered to.”    
    Vestal encourages taxpayers to review their tax statements and to call her office with any questions or concerns about assessed value or personal property detail please call. She says most situations can be addressed over the phone.
    Vestal concluded, “It is unfortunate that we’ve had to resort to the closure of our lobby due to the pandemic. The assessor’s office will continue to serve the public in the safest manner possible.”
    The phone number for the collector’s office is 573-775-2845 and the fax number is 573-775-4295. The phone number for the assessor’s office is 573-775-2065 and the fax number is 573-775-5710.