Drama class to provide fall play online

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    The St. James high school drama department have gotten creative in how they will perform this year’s fall play, providing the production to the public via Facebook and YouTube. This year’s performance is called “Graven Images” and will be made public the first week of November.

    “How do you perform a production during a pandemic? Via Zoom of course,” Drama Director A.J. Prawitz explained. “But what happens when you can’t get out of the call? Graven Images by Stephanie Buckley tackles that very question.”
    The cast includes performances by Amy Berkelman, Bailey Engelage, Chloe French, Pandora Johnson, Brianna Miller, Megan Newton, Navy Setzer, Dalton Storie, Sandra Wierson, Matthew Woodward, Adara Thompson, Ally Vollmer, Patsy Walls, Joey White, and stage manager Whitney Jenista.
    The performance centers around a class stuck in a Zoom call after a student returns from summer vacation and sees students seeking a way out.
    “Cameron informs the class of a run in with the Amish during summer vacation. The Amish believe that photos taken break one of the Ten Commandments and a piece of their soul is stolen in the photo. After the spooky tale students find they cannot leave the call,” Prawitz said of the play synopsis.
    Just in time for Halloween, the production will be provided free to the community and will be available via the STJ Drama Facebook page or via the Tiger TV YouTube channel beginning the first week of November. The community is encouraged to support the drama department as they showcase new ways to performing while following health and safety guidelines.