Vote your values

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    How many of your children would you be willing to have killed in order to have good economic times? I assume none. Well then, how many of your friends' children would you be willing to allow them to kill for good times? Again, I assume none.

    Well, do you know that if you vote for the Democratic candidates for president and vice president, Biden-Harris, you are not only voting for them to allow mothers to have over one million preborn babies brutally killed each year by cutting them in pieces in a vacuum tube with knives (3-4 months), or chemically burning them to death by injecting a salt solution into their mother's womb (5 months), or removing them surgically and putting them in the trash to die by lack of oxygen (6 months), or having a knife jabbed into the back of their skull to make a hole through which a vacuum is inserted to suck out their brains (9 months while being born), but you will be voting for the Democratic Party to proudly boast and promote such actions.
    Of course they won't tell you that's what they're promoting…they will proudly brag that they are giving women their "reproductive rights,” which doesn't mean the right to have a baby, but rather, the right to have her cruelly killed.
    Abortion is murder, plain and simple. It was what pushed me out of the party in the 1970s. I have been a union man since age 16 (Ironworkers, book #468810, retired with a pension—active 1951-64, full-time/part-time pastoral ministry 1966-91, active again 1989-99) but I don't think I'll ever vote for someone who is willing to promote or even allow the killing of babies. New York State is even allowing them to be killed after birth. Nothing, including the party or good times or satisfying radical voters, is worth that price.
    And I believe that everyone who gets, promotes, or even knowingly allows (and now you know) this killing of babies (nicely called abortion) will have to answer to God.
    However, if such a person repents to God for the sin and turns in faith to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (He suffered and died on the cross for all sin) they can receive forgiveness...and help to leave the party. I know, I know, that could mean a lot of trouble for you. But I really believe it could mean the difference of heaven or hell for eternity (which never ends). You don't have to become a can be an independent like I am.
    Remember, voting for Biden-Harris means voting for the continuation of cruel baby murder (along with open borders for criminals and drugs to come in along with the good people, free health care for whoever crosses over, no oil or gas, bailouts for rioters [Harris has done so] no guns, gender change, and less police).
    The choice is yours. God be with you, and may you vote your values first.
 Pastor Norman Heironimus

    P.S. God mostly does His will through His people. So Christians, if you do not seek God's will through prayer, and then vote His values, I don't believe you are doing God's will, as James says in 2:15-17. Your no-vote means one more vote for murder.