Let’s lesson the risk

    In the October 8 issue of the Steelville Star-Crawford Mirror, page 7A, there were two short articles about risks of traffic deaths. In these articles the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety shows that “men make up the majority of the state’s traffic fatalities often due to a lack of seatbelt use, particularly among pickup truck drivers.”

    The article further stated that 77 percent of the pickup fatalities so far this year were male and that 83 percent of these drivers were unbuckled. The number of traffic fatalities in Missouri in 2020 so far has been 717; 76 more than this time last year. Two thirds or 68 percent were unbuckled. If these had been buckled more than 180 people who were killed would still be alive. Do you know any of those not wearing seatbelts or helmets?
    These articles go on to say that “traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility.” Do you agree? If you do, then you agree that “too many people die in traffic crashes.” If those people could go back and not make bad choices while driving, they could be alive, well, and still be making good choices while driving.
    “Well,” you might say, “there’s risk in everything we do.” A true statement, but how many of these risks were avoidable if we practice safety? We risk our lives when we drink and drive. We risk others’ lives when we expose them to the diseases we carry. Nowhere is it mandated that we should aid the process of killing ourselves and others by not wearing face masks. Politician lack the expertise of physicians and scientists to govern by instinct or home remedies.
    On page 1A of that same paper the headline was “County COVID cases doubled in September.” COVID-19 cases for Crawford County was at 443 on October 5. At this rate what will our case number be by the end of the year? Forty-one are active cases and 394 were released from isolation. Do you know of someone in the hospital with COVID-19? Recovering from COVID 19? Has died from COVID-19? Is receiving treatment for COVID-19?
    Seatbelts, distracted driving and other dangerous omissions would probably not contribute to anyone contracting COVID-19, nor what political party you belong to. However, it has been shown that close grouping, (six-foot rule) not wearing a face mask, not washing your hands, breathing or coughing on others, not wearing sanitary clothes, or being in the presence of those who do not practice these health guidelines can and will cause you and others in contact with you to risk contacting COVID. The you can become sick and die from this worldwide disease. Statistics show that exposure to COVID-19 is worse than not wearing a seatbelt, worse than spreading, distracted driving, towing farm machinery or overloading your vehicle.
    Wearing a mask should not expose the political party you belong to or the leader you follow. Also, wearing a mask will not kill you as long as you don’t crowd in close, expose others (and me) with those social germs that kill. So please, stay clean, stay back or stay home, until we get a vaccine for COVIC-19.
Arthur Cook

    P.S. Wearing a mask is not a bad thing. It hides an ugly mug, covers up pimples, unshaved faces, lack of lipstick and face powder and will provide lack of proof for stealing grapes at the grocery store. The Lone Ranger wore a mask giving proof to Tonto of a healthy and friendly relationship.