Bus driver’s COVID case leads to changes in Bourbon routes

    The Bourbon School District announced Monday that is was making numerous changes to its bus routes after six of its transportation department staff members have been forced into quarantine due to COVID-19.

    “Today a bus driver in our transportation department tested positive for COVID,” Superintendent Kyle Gibbs said in a social media post to parents. “Due to the driver's proximity to other members of our transportation department, five additional staff members have been identified as close contacts and have been placed on quarantine.”
    As a result of this quarantine, the district has eliminated four of its bus routes for this week. As of Tuesday, the routes that will not be running are Bus 8, 14, 18, and 23. These are the routes that run closest to Bourbon for a majority of their routes.
    “We ask, if your children ride one of these routes, that you please transport your child to school the remainder of this week,” said Gibbs. “We are working on some options to be able to resume these routes for next week and will keep you posted when these routes will resume.”
    Due to the district’s assigned seating on buses and the use of personal protective equipment by all bus drivers the need to quarantine students was kept to a minimum. At this time, any student considered a close contact has been contacted regarding quarantine measures.
    “We recognize the inconvenience that the temporary elimination of these bus routes creates and appreciate your patience in dealing with this situation,” said Gibbs. “In order to avoid interruption to learning, we sincerely hope that your child will be able to attend school in-person, but if you are unable to find transportation for them to and from school, please contact your child's school office tomorrow to arrange at home learning for this time period.”