I am disappointed and saddened. Not mainly, however, because Donald Trump may not ultimately be president, but mainly because 70 million adult people voted for two attitudinal preborn baby killers, one of whom is also a proven liar (Biden, who lied about not discussing business with his son) and one of whom also is a violent protestor sympathizer (Harris, who bailed out violent protestors so they could do it again).

    But perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, for polls show that less than 50 percent of our citizens are actually Bible-believing Christians. And when people don't use the Bible to guide themselves they are open to anything (including some Christians—in fact, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and all Roman Catholics in the Democratic Party should be excommunicated from the church because of its stand against abortion—for that matter, I believe all true Christians should leave the party as I did in the ‘70s because of its platform on abortion.
    Also it’s not surprising, because most people went to public schools which teach that there is no God and the unscientific theory that the world came about itself and therefore people are just a higher form in the animal world where everything is ok—including killing—and it is the survival of the fittest. So what should we really expect. Without a God there are no absolute morals and everything is just a matter of opinion.
    God help us...through Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for abortion and all sin so we could receive forgiveness through faith in Him.
Norman Heironimus