Museum needed in Steelville

    As an active member of the community who cares in the preservation of our history, I believe that Steelville needs a museum. For several years the idea of building a museum within Steelville has been a big hit with several community members.

    People interested in the idea range from middle school students to older generations who wish to see their past remembered. Our small town is continuously growing and adjusting to modern times. Old buildings are being removed, authentic houses are being remodeled, and new business are coming into town. Though they can bring more life into Steelville, without a museum the wonderful history of Steelville and Crawford County will be lost.
    Not only will a museum be a joy to members of the community, but also to tourists who visit in the summer. It can bring even more people into our town to appreciate our history and growth. It would be the perfect school field trip for students and for those who are spending a day in town. Building a museum would bring a new recreational opportunity to our town while also keeping the memorable history intact.
    Our community would be united by establishing a historical museum. Every donation would mean the world to all of us who have been dreaming of making this happen. We want to work hard until a museum is up and functioning!
Abigale Ireland