SHS Homecoming tickets available next Thursday

    Steelville High School Basketball Homecoming will be held on Friday, January 22. Restrictions for game attendance are still in place. School staff ask that individuals who want to obtain general admission tickets to contact the high school office on Thursday, January 21 at 9 a.m.

    Steelville High School’s guidelines for attendance at home basketball games for the winter season address the need to promote health and safety for school patrons. Face masks are highly recommended and social distancing is required. There will be a maximum capacity of 300 spectators allowed. Spectators must have a ticket or card to get into the games and must pay admission.
    Each family must sit together in their designated area. Younger children must stay with their family and will not be allowed to run around on the bleachers, in the gym, or in the lobby area. Students will only be granted access if a sibling is participating, and they must sit with their family.
    Each visiting team will have their own section or side of the bleachers. Home spectators will sit in the bleachers to the left as you enter the gym. Visiting spectators will sit on the right side (the same side as the benches). The first two rows behind the benches will not be used. The same rules apply to students from other schools—they are asked not to attend unless they have siblings playing, and then they will sit with their family.
    There will be 50 general admission spots available for each game. When those run out, there will be no admission to the game without a ticket or card. Everyone is required to pay admission. The gate for regular season basketball games will open an hour before game time.
    The district continues to monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as the season progresses and will make adjustments as needed.