Violence can’t be allowed

    Our government cannot allow violence—whether against itself or its citizens and their properties. And sometimes drastic measures need to be taken to prevent it. Romans 13:1 in the Bible says "Everyone must the governing authorities" and v. 4 says the government "is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer."

    We cannot tolerate harassment of our government officials—whether personally or at their houses. While they shouldn't necessarily be shot as long as they do no violence, the whole crowd should be put in jail for at least 30 days with no bail for the first offense, and at least six months with no bail or parole for the second offense, and whatever for further offenses.
    Perhaps this will discourage many from getting involved in or getting anywhere near such things.
    At the same time, truly peaceful demonstrators—such as the hundreds of thousands in D.C.—should not be negatively characterized along with a small percentage of violators. While I am a Trump supporter, I hope the violators in D.C. get some kind of strong punishment, for we just cannot have anyone attacking—or even threatening—our government buildings.
Pastor Norman Heironimus