Thank you, Trump

    Thank you President Trump for:
    Delaying the socialist takeover of the country for four years.

    Rebuilding the economy by lifting regulations/restrictions on business allowing expansion, hiring and profit: Bringing manufacturing back to the USA; reducing unemployment; doubling the GDP and GNP; record stock market gains; lower taxes.
    Rebuilding the military which had been decimated. Using American made equipment and technology; retaliating when the military was in extreme harm's way; reducing numbers in Afghanistan where a war was endless; starting Space Force program.
    Removing the USA from the Iran deal which gave billions of U.S. dollars toward terrorism; making ISIS a non-issue; eliminating terrorist leadership when the opportunity arose; instituting economic sanctions on Iran. Eliminating travel to the USA from mid-eastern terrorist nations.
    Supporting Israel, our most valued ally; moving the embassy to Jerusalem; promoting the Abraham Accords whereby five Arab countries agreed to Israel's right to survive and have normalized relations.
    Getting the USA out of NAFTA and replacing it with the USMCA which is more beneficial to the USA; getting a trade deal with China which is the most balanced in decades: standing up to China's human rights abuses and imposing economic sanctions.
    Forcing NATO and the UN to pay more of their fair share of membership toward their protection from aggression. Supporting the Keystone pipeline which provided jobs and brought gasoline prices under $2. Reducing illegal immigration by building a border wall and allowing Homeland Security to do its job.
    Bringing North Korea to the negotiating table for the first time in decades. Taking the USA out of the Paris Accords which allowed China a free pass for decades regarding pollution control. The earth has been naturally warming since the last Ice Age 11,000 years ago.
    Taking the USA out of the World Health Organization which was more concerned with apologizing to China than battling the pandemic. On the last full day of the Trump presidency, the WHO finally was critical of China for being uncooperative and thwarting inspections.
    Supporting the Second Amendment gun rights, as well as promoting religious freedom and principals. Opposing federal funding for states and cities with financial/economic issues due to inept Democratic leadership.
    Preserving history by protecting statues and monuments honoring significant people and events. Policies that provided  economic gains for blacks and other minorities as well as more funding for black education than any prior president.
    Appointing three constitutional justices to the Supreme Court along with other federal judges. Supporting police and law enforcement.
    Your handling of the pandemic by restricting travel, transforming factories into making ventilators and the warp speed for vaccine. We will never know if anyone else would have handled the situation better.
    Standing up to mainstream media, who along with liberals opposed everything that you did. Being a nationalist putting America first, unlike your globalist predecessor and successor which will kiss the backside of all other nations.
    For making America great again!
Gary Fritzinger