Where’s the grief?

    Inauguration Day 2020 I watched with a saddened heart as President Trump bid his final farewell and left Washington D.C. to resume his life as just an American citizen. I decided he was gone, and now I needed to accept that Joe Biden would now be president.

    I listened to them talk about Biden losing his wife and child and how that had humbled him and caused him to be more compassionate about helping others. I could see how happy he and Harris were about having their children, grandchildren, and others there to celebrate with them.
    I enjoyed the singing and was happy to  hear the pledge to the flag ending with "one nation under God...with liberty and justice for all."
    Then as Garth sang "Amazing Grace" I listened to the words and I thought "Amazing Grace...where is the grace here?" Then I thought of the moment of silence to honor the 400,000 dead from the COVID. Where  was the silence for the million babies murdered every year through abortion? Where was the grace for them?
    Sure, Biden grieved for his wife and child, but they at least had a chance at life, liberty, and freedom. Again, where is the chance for all those people who have been or will be murdered without a chance to take one single breath?
    In years  to come, how many new presidents will have no children or grandchildren to celebrate with them because  they were murdered through abortion while our leaders continued to tout "one nation under God...with liberty and justice for all."
    My final thought was "What Hypocrisy!"
Ruby Pennock