Were you snookered?

    A few words to Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO. In a nutshell, sir, I think either you are doing a poor job of looking out for your members or you were snookered.

    On Day 1, with a stroke of the pen, the president currently residing in the White House destroyed thousands of union jobs by killing the Keystone pipeline. You were not outraged at the loss of jobs; you were only “disappointed” that Biden didn’t talk about creating other jobs until later.
    Mr. Trumka, you should have been much more than disappointed…you should have been mad as hell! You claim credit for Biden’s victory. You brag that your union got out the vote for him...that they gave him a firewall. You brag that 58 percent of your members voted for Biden. Before they voted, did you tell them that Biden would start killing their jobs on Day 1? I’ll bet not.
    Moreover, Mr. Trumka, your union members should be mad as hell at YOU! Mad that you encouraged them to vote for the man who couldn’t wait to strip them of their jobs. Mad that you were merely disappointed in Biden. Mad that you did not loudly denounce Biden for harming thousands of your members.
    You also said you don’t know if Biden will cancel more pipelines, but if he does, he will pair that action with the creation of more jobs than he destroys. Are you kidding me?! If you really believe that Mr. Trumka, I have a few bridges in New York City and some land in Florida I would like to sell you!
    Mr. Trumka, you do know that Biden cut his executive teeth in the Obama administration, don’t you? Think back to the Obama administration, circa 2009, specifically, the $800 billion stimulus bill that was going to kick start the economy with lots of “shovel ready” projects. Remember that a healthy chunk of that money went to Obama’s cronies and contributors. Also remember that, when the shovel ready projects and the related jobs didn’t materialize, Obama laughingly joked that he guessed the projects weren’t as shovel ready as he thought.
    Mr. Trumka, I predict the jobs you think Biden is going to create for your members will be as elusive as Obama’s shovel ready projects. In addition, I predict Biden will ape Obama’s very simple, three-step formula for dealing with such matters, i.e., promise jobs, fail to produce jobs, laugh at the failure. Look for Biden’s laughter soon. In 1966 Patti and the XLs released a song titled “After the Laughter, Came the Tears.” This song is quite apropos to the current situation. Do you hear Biden’s laughter, Mr. Trumka? I predict soon your members will shed tears.
    Come back to earth, Mr. Trumka. Biden is not interested in creating jobs, at least not for Americans. But I should not blame Biden, a man who often does not know where he is and sometimes not even who he is. It is the unidentified cabal that is currently running the country that should be held to task. I don’t know who they are, but I can see what they do and infer the obvious, i.e., their goal is to harm America as much as possible. They started by killing good jobs for thousands of your members. They continued by throwing open the doors of the US to any illegal who wishes to come. They will continue by making America dependent on foreign oil and driving up the price Americans pay for gas. And that is just the beginning.
    Do you hear laughter, Mr. Trumka? Were you snookered…or did you know what would happen to your members on Day 1?
Jacquelyn Hunt