Along with many other people, I am confused about the political situation in our country. Therefore I intend to pose questions to those who voted for the Democrats in the election last year.

    One question that needs answering is why so many people voted for the Democrat leaders who for more than two years obviously lied about President Trump and the so-called Russian collusion. All the leaders of the Democrat Party including President Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer knew that it was a fabricated lie. Would it not be the height of naivety to trust such people?
    Then there is a problem of open borders which is a direct invitation to the Mexican drug Cartels to infiltrate our society. Some have said that the motive behind President Biden's move is to gain votes in future elections. Could that be true? Along the same line, who is going to pay for this incursion? Might it possibly be we the taxpayers?
    Yet another question. When someone disagrees with the Democrats' point of view, he is accused of racism. Why is this the Democrats favorite word?
    Then there is the problem of money...lots of it. Who is going to pay for the trillions of dollars that the Democrats are spending? Does not the expression "funny money" come to mind? A story came out of Germany after WWI. The German government starting printing money backed by absolutely nothing. A man went to the store to make a purchase. He had a wheelbarrow full of money. While in the store someone stole the wheelbarrow after dumping the money on the ground.
    What would Walter Cronkite think if he heard the news today? Are the news outlets truthfully reporting events as they are actually happening in the real world? Or are they passing on a delusional fantasy scripted by the leftist fringes of the Democratic party?
    So I beg my Democratic voting friends to answer these questions so that the rest of us can understand what is going on.
Don Sellers