Love Thy Neighbor plans for summer projects

    The Love Thy Neighbor missions project in the Viburnum community is gearing up for this year’s community mission work. Love Thy Neighbor is a Viburnum community-based ministry that provides exterior home repairs free of charge for those in need.

    Justin Perry, pastor of First Baptist Church Viburnum said, “It’s this simple, we do for others what they can’t do for themselves, just like Jesus did for us.”
    Brant Hubbs, one of the Lead Project Coordinators stated, “This is a missions-based event in lock step with the Gospel truth of Matthew 22:39, loving our neighbor.”
    The Love Thy Neighbor projects kick off the week of June 27, starting with a worship service at Viburnum First Baptist Church on Sunday evening and the public is invited to attend.  
    Lance Mayfield, Love Thy Neighbor Marketing Director explained, “The actual work on homes occurs in just one week but the work to raise money and seek those homeowners in need is a year-round effort.” The funds used to make the repairs comes from fundraisers and donations. In the past year, the Love Thy Neighbor organization has raised over $25,000 that will go back into the community with new roofs, new or repaired decks, siding repairs and more.
    A small army of 150 volunteers merge their talents, tools and passion to love their neighbor. Those that volunteer not only do repairs but help feed the workers, organize showers, provide for sleeping quarters and do laundry. Over half of the volunteers are teenagers that come from area church youth groups. Three meals a day are prepared for all the workers, including delivered lunches, snacks and cool drinks.
    Dustin Decker, First Baptist Youth Leader said, “A lot of people misunderstand our youth, if you ask them to help and work, they will.”
    To add a little fun to all the efforts, workers are placed on teams where they are encouraged with messages each day in their mailbox. A care team has also been organized that meets with homeowners to see what other needs they may have that the Love Thy Neighbor group may be able to help with.
    For more information on Love Thy Neighbor, contact Pastor Perry at 573-368-8941 or Mayfield at 573-368-8966. You can also find Love Thy Neighbor on Facebook.