Reality check needed

    Having not received any concrete responses to my inquiries, I will state some ideas which are verifiable and true.

    Hate is an extremely insidious disease that is used to infest the thinking of many people. As a political ploy, Hitler used it to deceive the German people. Now we have the same agenda used by politicians and the liberal media (CBS, NBC, CNN). As soon as President Trump took office, the left along with the liberal media attacked him with hateful remarks. Even the attack on Justice Kavanaugh was an indirect attack on President Trump. During his four years in office, the Democrats and the media tried to defame his presidency by promoting two obvious lies: the Russian collusion and the Russian bounty.
    After President Trump was “defeated,” the hatred was directed toward the police. Notice: not one leading Democrat criticized the same concept of “Defund the Police.” By their silence Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and many other Democrats encourage the condemnation of the police. Not only that, the so-called Justice System has tried to take the idea of crime out of criminal. It is obvious that crime has become a common occurrence where communities have defunded the police departments.
    The hatred continues with some radical Democrats directing their venom toward the Jews. Hitler would be proud of them. As in the 1930s, hatred has spread irrationally toward a group of people who have little to do with politics. Another question arises. Could Christians be next?
    Another page take from Hitler’s book is to deliver propaganda to the schools to ensure that future generations will drive the hate process. For example, it is obvious that the attempt to eliminate mathematics from school curriculum (particularly in California) is an inference that math is beyond the comprehension of black students. Not only is this insulting to those students, but it deprives them of opportunities for many jobs that demand mathematical skills.
    Unless unchecked, as in the case of Hitler, the results will be devastating. No one can deny that this negative political ploy has infected our country. It is up to us to use the ballot box to change this situation.
Don Sellers