History reimagined

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    According to the author of this rendition of history, our nation was founded in August 1619 when slaves were brought to the Virginia Colony. It goes on to infer that the Revolutionary War was fought in order to preserve slavery. It debunks the founding fathers as a group of slave holders bent on promoting slavery.

    The facts: The Virginia Colony was one very small part of the British Empire in 1619. Ten of the 13 colonies were not settled until after 1660. From before 1619 until 1776, we are talking about British History. Slavery was common to the Spanish, French, and British empires. It was not instituted nor approved by the founding fathers. That most Americans opposed it was evidenced by the many lives sacrificed in the eventual Civil War.
    As for the Revolutionary War, due to financial losses incurred by defense of the colonists during wars with the Spanish, French, and Indians, the British Parliament imposed every more burdensome taxes and intolerable trade restrictions. Complaints and pleas from the struggling colonies were ignored resulting in the declaration of independence. The British were unsuccessful in the attempt to retain ownership of the land.
    As to the founding fathers, none of them had been born in 1619. Their agenda in the years following 1776 was to institute a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Having studied the failures of previous governments that governed tyrannically with absolute power, they came up with a unique entity, a democratic republic. It consisted of three branches, executive, legislative, and judicial so determined as to check and balance each other with powers and limitations spelled out in a constitution. Ratification was not affected until amended by a Bill of Rights ensuring a rule of God from whom these rights proceed. Electoral procedures were clearly delineated as powers of the people to be administered at the state level. This entirely new concept of government has served the nation well for nigh on 250 years.
    In recent months we have witnessed a president unconstitutionally issuing one executive order after another, a practice he himself had called tyrannical. A radical group in Congress seems intent on redefining rights of religion, speech and individual defense. The justice system seems to be sympathizing with criminals and vilifying victims and law enforcement officers. Our educational system seems more intent on indoctrination into socialist ideas rather than to teaching critical thinking. God has effectively been removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, the Oath of Office and attempts are now afoot to have “In God We Trust” removed from our coinage. It is high time for we the people to make our voices heard.
Loretta Sellers