Revolutionists were nothing but sinners

    I am a political conservative who considers the Constitution a great document and the basis for our nation. However, I am also a Christian conservative who considers the Bible the greatest document and the basis for our lives.

    And when I look at the Revolutionary War, I see people who claim to be Christians resorting to sinful worldly ways to solve perceived problems—especially when we look at the major events leading to the Revolution: the Boston Tea Party of Dec. 16, 1773; the first battle (Lexington) of April 19, 1775; and The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776. All were sinful according to the Bible.
    The Bible tells us to obey government (Rom. 13 & 1 Pet. 2) except if telling us to disobey God (Acts 5:29).
    In the Boston Tea Party, colonists boarded the East India Tea Co. ship and threw overboard a million dollars (today's money) worth of tea because the company had been granted a tax break by England.
    In the Battle of Lexington, colonists killed 73 peacefully marching English Troops because they heard the troops were going to Concord to seize their illegally stored weapons.
    In the Declaration, the colonists in essence said they were going to steal the land owned by England.
    Christian historian Dr. John Warwick Montgomery said in a radio interview on July 20, 2000, that the colonists would have gained Parliament representation in another 20 years and nationhood later...and that they violated Rom. 13.
    If correct, the colonists' impatience and disobedience cost them dearly.
Rev. Norman Heironimus