Wonderful story

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    What a wonderful story about the Gladden twins. I must confess, I cried when I read it. Ina was my Sunday School teacher and a wonderful Christian lady. I didn’t know Eva as well but I’m sure she was equally as nice.

    My mother was also a twin, thus it brought back many memories. We had a time telling them apart and they loved to tell stories about tricking their boyfriends. There were the Setzer twins, also from Cherryville, Missouri. My mother was Martha and her twin was Margaret.
    My Aunt Margaret was killed in an auto accident in front of the Cherryville store when she was just 54 years old. My mother never got over losing her. They were born December 15, 1919.
    This has been a great opportunity to let Ina know what a blessing she was to all of us young teenage girls in that Sunday School class. The example she set for us, helped us want to live a Christian life like she did. There’s a saying, “Give roses to the living.” So Ina here is a big bouquet for you!
    The Gladden twins have been truly blessed, as well as all of us who know them.
Ruby Bouse