Road closure will impact emergency response

    The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is planning a shutdown of the Highway 8 and Highway 68 junction in August, which the St. James Ambulance District reports will slow down emergency responses to the area. The district has established alternate routes to the area, but advises those contacting 911 should detail the best route to ensure quick responses.

    “The St. James Ambulance District was notified by the Missouri Department of Transportation of a planned shutdown of the Highway 8 and Highway 68 junction, predominately on the Highway 68 side. The planned shutdown will begin on August 2 and continue through August 14,” EMS Chief Bryan Lambeth said in a news release.
    “This shutdown will drastically affect the overall response of all emergency responders needing access to south Highway 68 as well as all county roads, state routes, and highways we would normally access via south Highway 68,” he said.
    While the district is taking steps to mitigate any slowdown of services, Lambeth said the district wants residents to be aware of the activity and to have a best route possible ready to provide to emergency responders should an incident occur.
    “The St. James Ambulance District has alternate routes established in order to achieve the best possible response given these unmanageable circumstances. We are requesting anyone needing assistance within the affected area to advise the 911 dispatcher of the best route we can take in order to respond in the shortest amount of time,” he said. “We also ask you be patient and understanding in regards to the response delay you may encounter.”
    Residents are encouraged to be prepared for the slowdown of services during the roadwork in the event of an emergency. Lambeth thanked the community for understanding as the district deals with the road delays.