No Christian could agree with Tea Party

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   So far no one has responded pro or con to my letter about the Revolutionary War not being Christian. While probably most disagree, some may think it doesn't matter anymore anyway.

    I believe it does matter, for if it was sin, we need to acknowledge it or we will have to answer to God for well as maybe repeat the same sinful mistake.
    And what really bothers me is that most pastors agreed with the Boston Tea Party and War and some even fought in the War. And down through the years many have looked upon them as noble things to be proud of.
    However, John Wesley (on whom the Methodist Church is based) and Henry Muhlenberg (the father of Lutheranism in the colonies) disagreed with it based on Rom. 13.
    Also, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin disagreed with Tea Party.
    Just consider the Tea Party. If one business in Cuba got a tax break that allowed it to sell its goods cheaper, do you think it would be great if the others got together and stole the next delivery worth $1 to $3 million dollars and trashed it? I hope not. But that is what happened in the Boston Tea Party in December 1773 which set up tension that led to the first battle of the War in April 1775.
    I don't see how any Christian could agree with the Tea Party.
Pastor Norman Heironimus