Wants to make things clear

    In the days after my letter appeared on the opinion page of the August 19th edition Rosemary received and I received positive and supportive comments. Thinking about the “positive” comments, I began to consider that I cannot know how each person who reads my letter will process the information I provided. I don't want any room for misinterpretation, so I want to make  two things abundantly clear.

    One, I did not nor do I believe that Mary Young did anything illegal. And, two in the body of my letter I said that an unknowable and unaccounted for amount of money was intended for Rosemary, and we will never know how much she did not receive. Those statements do not refer to Mary's behavior. They refer to the intent and belief of some donors like my wife and I who thought our money was going to Rosemary for care of dogs and for the building of a new shelter.
John Porter