Women have worked diligently

    Speaking as a volunteer with Santana’s Hope 4 Paws who has been involved in the project of building a new shelter from the beginning, I would like to make a few comments. I have seldom met two more dedicated or hard-working people than Rosemary Woodward and Mary Young.

    Rosemary has worked diligently for years, rescuing and finding homes for stray animals in our area. It was Rosemary who identified our need for an improved animal facility for Steelville.
    Mary was tireless in her efforts to raise the funding for the new building. She has applied an incredible amount of energy, to inspire people far beyond our city limits to join in this project.
    But let’s not lose sight of the fact that neither Mary nor Rosemary could have possibly accomplished this alone. We all, every volunteer with Santana’s Hope, pitched in and contributed what we could, in time and effort. And the result of our work is new taking shape, right up by the water tower, for all to see.
    I would find it hard to find enough words to express how much I appreciate the teamwork we’ve all put in to make the new shelter a reality, but I would save the choicest and most encouraging words for Rosemary and Mary for the vital parts they played.
    Which is why I find it heartbreaking to see so few of those words finding their way into Steelville’s newspaper of record. Perhaps future reports on the construction might wish to focus on what we’ve accomplished, rather than the potholes we’ve run into on the road to accomplishing it.
Lanin D. Thomasma