Did you vote for Biden?

    Did you vote for Biden? Why? Did you intend the results we are getting? Only seven months in office and these are the disasters we are facing.

    Socialism: the antithesis of freedom and personal choice and responsibility. Do you realize what socialism is? Socialism creates a two layer society—the elite wealthy in charge and the people in bondage to them. Every one equal—equally poor and no way out.
    Anti-Christianity: Christianity and Capitalism created the great country that cared for all the world.
    Government control of every area of our lives.
    The Taliban taking back Afghanistan with catastrophic results for everyone still there. Recreating violent terrorism to be used on us and the world.
    Oil dependence to Arab countries. Soon gas prices will be $4 to $5 per gallon.
    Israel in grave danger and the whole Middle East in chaos.
    Debt so deep that our children will never be free.
    Socialized medicine only the upper wealthy will have access to the best doctors and facilities.
    I can say with certainty that because of these results if you voted for Biden and the lefts socialist party you are not a Christian or a free American. Think about where this is taking every free country.
Emily Mosher