Tell your story

    I assume the letter of 09/09/21 that appeared on the opinion page signed by Mary Young was intended to accomplish two things—sympathy for her and the impression that she was somehow wronged by my letter 08/19/21 thereby presenting herself as a victim of unfairness.

    She did not in her letter attempt to explain or dispute any of her behavior as described in my letter, nor did she site one example of what she considers to be a false statement.
    In her letter, Mary Young implies that I did make false statements. I believe, and I think other readers of the opinion page would agree, that it would be of value for Mary to write and share her version of events that would correct the record as she sees it and at the same time she can point out any factual error that I mistakenly made in my letter of 08/19/21.
    I hope she takes this opportunity to share her story.
John Porter