A must read

    We will not be silenced by Erwin W. Lutzer, pastor emeritus of the Moody Church is a must read.

    Dr. David Jeremiah, senior pastor of a church in California and the Founder and President of Turning Point Ministries, has this to say: “If I could, I would put this book into the hands of every Christian in America.”
    From his foreword Dr. Jeremiah states: “This book examines every cultural issue we are facing, diversity issues, racial issues, gender issues, social issues, media issues, issues of free speech and issues rooted in socialism and Marxism. It covers issues related to the church and how the church is responding.”
    Jeremiah further points out that the combined “troubling behaviors, criminal mobs ravaging our cities, burning down buildings, defunding police…tearing down moral and spiritual values…all involve the determination to destroy America’s history and replace it with a new Marxist history that is being inculcated into our children’s minds from kindergarten through graduate school.”
    Lutzer asks, “How do we live courageously in a culture where people who shout the loudest win the argument?” His answer involves prayerful reflection on the scriptures, trust in God, and a serious examination of our obligations as Christians.
    My question is why have so many been taken in by the ridiculous promises of a socialist inspired political party? I think a quote from an unknown source given by Lutzer on page 202 spells it out: “Mice die in a mousetrap because they do not understand why the cheese is free.”
    The book is available at our library. You may want to purchase your own copy from a book store. It is definitely a must read!
Loretta Sellers