Still sinful actions

    I thank Mr. Thomasma for his reply to my letter about the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War. I try to be open to all viewpoints on any issue. He says that “...rehashing a 250 year old fait accompli seems to me the very epitome of a foolish controversy.”

    I disagree if it involves sin. For if indeed the Tea Party, War, and the Declaration of Independence were sin, we need to acknowledge and condemn them—and certainly not glorify and celebrate them—if we want to be right with the God of the Bible. Otherwise we are as guilty as the colonists were. It is never good to excuse, agree with, and celebrate sin no matter how old it is.
    Also, in his “...aim to do my best” in responding to me Mr. Thomasma does not do so in the way I requested; that is, he used Old Testament (OT) verses of the Bible, not New Testament (NT). Therefore his reply is actually irrelevant to my Biblical reasoning. For, there is clearly a difference in the way God operated in the OT and the NT. While God is the same (Heb 13:8) His methods of operation are not.
    Mr. Thomasma closes by saying “I still choose to put my faith in God’s redemption.” Yes, there is redemption with God, for Jesus suffered and die for all sin (2 Cor.5:19). However, only the ones who “repent and believe the gospel” (Mk.1:15) receive the redemption—not those who excuse and/or celebrate their sin.
    Finally, faring well in this life is no gauge of right and wrong with God, as Mr. Thomasma infers. Jesus and all but one of his Apostles were killed because of the faith, and that one (John) was exiled to the island of Patmos. And many of the early Christians were treated likewise, as well as many today in some countries. However, they are winners because they went to Heaven. Whereas, many crooked people fare well until their death, but they are losers because they go to Hell.
    It is simply a fact that true Christianity will never be popular with the general public in any generation. Ask any person who attempts to talk about Jesus —or even God—at work or social circles.
    I again issue the challenge for anyone to write this paper, using NT Bible verses to specifically defend the thievery and destruction of the Boston Tea Party, the attack and killing of 73 British soldiers who were peacefully marching on their way to enforce the law (Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775, which became the first battle of the War), The Declaration of Independence which stole the English land they were living on, and the War which was responsible for the deaths of 115,000 to 160,000 people as well as multiple injuries and much destruction of property.
    I acknowledge that I cannot fully explain why it appears that God helped the colonists to win the war and form the nation, except to say that perhaps He did want to form it to be a blessing to the world...and while He wanted to do it peacefully according to His NT Word, He used the people available but still held them accountable—there are examples of this in the OT.
    Whatever the explanation, I do believe the actions stated above were sinful according to the New Testament...and I have come to question the understanding of Christianity by those who think they were good. I know this is a strong statement and I am speaking about many Christian leaders, but the more I have looked into it the more I am convinced of it.
    Lord, help me to see if I am wrong, or help others to see if they are Jesus’ name, Amen.
Rev. Norman Heironimus