Resist mandate

Governor Parson,
    Along with 22 other governors, I applaud your decision to fight back against President Biden’s recent vaccine mandate that is not only unconstitutional and illegal but if fully implemented will ultimately lead to complete tyranny both medically and economically for all of us here living in the United States.

    The Biden edict forces employers to mandate the COVID vaccine to all their employees. You, as well as numerous other governors, have stated that you will challenge the legality of this mandate in court. Good enough. You should do that, but it must be understood that this approach alone is not nearly enough. Regardless of the Law, there is reason to doubt a successful outcome for you and the people of Missouri in a lawsuit against the federal government.
    Let’s not be fooled that “legal arguments” will win the day. We must not sit back and wait for the court systems to do their job. We need much more pushback than making a legal challenge and then sitting back to see what will happen.
    No, you must take a much more severe approach to this evil edict that threatens to completely destroy our liberties and right to self-governance.
    May I make a suggestion if you are truly serious about resisting this vaccine edict? Go to the people of this state regularly and insist that you: WILL NOT ENFORCE THE FEDERAL VACCINE MANDATE IN YOUR STATE. THERE IS NO WAY THIS STATE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO COMPLY. Use your bully pulpit to hammer home this message to the people every day. Literally every day!
    You must gain the people’s trust and support. They must be made to see the true face of the Federal Government tyranny that is upon us. We are in a crisis here of epic proportions. A medical fronting dictatorship has taken over America. Are you resolved to go the distance in the battle to resist this tyranny? Will you take a bold and stubborn stand no matter the consequences? I’m convinced many of your constituents will stand with you in this time of great urgency.
    I’ll end with the words of Thomas Paine: “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now deserves the thanks of man and woman.”
Eric Jacobson