No laughing matter

    Often I find humor in Ray Plank’s letters...but not this time. And it’s not because it is aimed at me, but rather, because it makes light of what I believe was serious sin—and sin is never humorous in God’s eyes, for Jesus Christ, God’s Son, had to suffer horribly and die for all sin in order to save all who would believe in and follow Him.

    I presume Mr. Plank does not think that the Boston Tea Party which stole and destroyed $1 to $3 million in tea (today’s money) and the war that the colonists started which caused well over 100,000 deaths along with multiple injuries and much property damage, and the Declaration which stole English land, were sin....but instead of pointing out why they were not sin according to the New Testament as I requested, he chose to ridicule me for saying so. But if, in fact, they were sin, I doubt that God is laughing.
    And by the way, since Mr. Plank previously acknowledged that he voted for Joe Biden, he also indirectly acknowledged that he voted for a well-known promoter of baby-killing (abortion)....and it is doubtful that God is laughing about that, either.
Rev. Norman Heironimus