Sound familiar?

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    If anyone wishes to learn about Communism or Marxism, he would be well advised to read The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn who lived under the communist government of Joseph Stalin. After serving in the army as a captain during World War II, he was sent to prison for no known reason.

    Solzhenitsyn summed up the government under communism as “grinding people down with stupidity.” Does this sound like the present Socialist governance of the United States? Perhaps the analogy may be better understood by giving examples.
    1. Open the borders. Anyone would understand this ludicrous situation as an invitation to the drug cartels and more recently to the Taliban.
    2. A 3.5 trillion dollars fiasco. The stupidity of the sum is easily understood when the president said, “It would not cost anything.”
    3. Suppressing the voices of parents who believe that the “critical race theory” is absurd. As one Democrat governor said, “Parents should have nothing to do with how the schools are educating their children.” Really?
    4. Ignoring the lawlessness in our cities while trying to defund the police.
    5. Throwing out books written by the world’s greatest writers as Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky or Cervantes.
    It so happens that these ideas were implemented by socialist governments in other societies such as Cuba and Venezuela and have consistently failed with disastrous results. From his own experience Solzhenitzyn’s conclusion was: “We have lost our freedom.” Does this not sound familiar and at the same time ominous and scary?
Donald Sellers