School Board talks of arresting parents

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    As a concerned citizen and parent, I attended the Sunday 7:30 a.m. special (St. James) School Board meeting. It seems there is a very real battle between the attorney general of Missouri and the public schools pushing the mask, vaccine, and quarantine rules.

    I find it very interesting the government is funding the new triple testing strategy with a whopping $380,000 for St. James schools! This comes at a time when many community members can not pay their ever increasing utility bills and inflated food costs. What a way to spend the money, on bogus nose tests from China that Elon Musk even outed several months ago, in which he took four tests that came out two negative and two positive!
    I gave a three-minute speech stating that we can not continue the 14-day quarantining rules, as not only the school will get shut down because of in-person attendance rules, but our supply and food chains are getting affected. It is cancel culture on steroids!
    I said we need to go back to the old way of doing things in which you stay home if you have a fever or are really sick. The Fauci science is bogus, I said, and we do not want to end up like Australia with no rights at all, locked away in our homes with endless 14-day quarantines.
    The board was split on what to do, as many parents and staff are confused about the new rules that constantly change, especially the ridiculous soft quarantines which resulted in several band and choir concerts getting canceled.
    Some parents dropped off their kids for the school day that were supposed to be in quarantine for being around someone else that tested positive. There was talk about sending the police and arresting parents for not following rules, sacking them with misdemeanors, and even getting the child services involved.
    Some on the board agreed that too many kids are getting wrongfully quarantined and that the vaccines are not working, as many get sick and test positive anyway.
    The school board members proceeded to talk about quarantining all children in a household if one person is around someone who tests positive. There was talk of placing kids in COVID classrooms, which to me sounds like the fast track to FEMA camps and segregating those who don’t obey the ever changing rules.
    It seems like we are losing our rights in an authoritarian type of takeover. Lucy Wortham James is rolling over in her grave, seeing her beloved town getting taken over by cancel culture based on faulty science. Please citizens and parents, attend the school board meetings and call the superintendent to voice your concerns.
Kimberly Murphy
St. James