Twenty twenty-one

Submitted by Cletus Louis Drone
When in the past some trouble of a kind,
Shocked and distressed the masses peace of mind;

They questioned was this change from what had been,
Due to the will of God or acts of men.

Today life changing happenings abound,
Fires in the West are burning to the ground;
And storms of record are raging shore to shore,
More deadly and destructive than before.

The breakdown of society grows worse,
The greatest sin is the abortion curse;
Addicted single mothers flood the dole,
Drug wars and violent protests on a roll.

The threat of global conflicts ever brew,
As enmities of old kindle anew;
Atomic wars are hanging by a thread,
Pandemics see no borders in their spread.

Are endless woes an omen for all men,
To mend our godless ways of strife and sin?
Best heed their warnings or else be prepared,
For Armageddon next may be declared.