Out of the tomb

  God’s creation was perfect. Imperfection came when Satan tempted Eve. Eve and then Adam yielded to temptation, eating of the forbidden fruit. Sin came into the world where it remains today. We are all sinners in need of a Savior.

   God hates sin. A sacrifice was needed. God loves us so much that He sent Jesus, His only begotten Son, to earth in order to become that sacrifice for our sins.
   Jesus loves us so much that he was willing to be their sacrifice. Can we even begin to imagine such love, the love of God for us in sending His Son to die on the cross of Calvary and the love of Jesus for us that led Him to the cross so that so that His blood can cover our sins? What great love.
   Jesus died for our sins and was buried. But he didn’t stay in the tomb. On the first day of the week Jesus arose from the dead, never again to die. As followers of Jesus, we have the promise that we will also rise from the dead and will live with Him throughout all of eternity. Praise the Lord.
J.M. Stock
High Hill, Mo.