Leftist hypocrisy

    When conservatives protest anything we are “domestic terrorists.” So what should be the lefts hysterical tantrum about abortion—yelling, stomping, giving out personal information about members of the Supreme Court, implying personal harm to them. What is that?

    First of all—ladies it is “not your body” it’s a baby—it’s a life separate from yours.
    Second: There are now “900 ways from Sunday” not to be pregnant if you don’t want to have a baby. Duh.
    Third: there is the absolute tried and true. Don’t have sex if you aren’t married. Oh that’s a crazy idea! Right?
   Fourth: There is rape. But wait you can go to the ER and take care of that right away. Duh.
   Fifth: Incest. Maybe but does it solve it to have; abortion today has become expensive. Lazy irresponsible birth control paid for by the taxpayer. Stop the lies.
   How many wonderful people do you know that were an unplanned pregnancy? I know so many. I have one special one that I thank God for every day. She wasn’t aborted. She was adopted.
Emily Mosher