Our roads really suck

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    I have to agree with Mr. Gary Hoover’s letter about the condition of the rural roads in Crawford County. I live off Saddle Club Road, west of Cuba and the potholes remind me of those you see on TV about St. Louis. You can really hurt your car and cost many dollars in repairs because those potholes are so big.

    On my road the gravel is ok, but the asphalt road is where the problem is. It is so bad that everyone drives in the ditch to avoid them.
    Why isn’t there any maintenance? It is an election year and only one commission is up for re-election. He has no authority to order the road crew to fix this horrible problem. But the voters will blame him because he is a commissioner, no matter who is responsible.
    If I have damage to my pickup, is the county responsible for damages? In St. Louis City, they are responsible for repairs if a pothole is reported and not timely repaired.
    The main problem is the election in August. The people who can order repairs are not running for election. During election year, they really do the job if they want to be re-elected.
    So, the roads suck. Dodge the holes. Gripe. Voters remember.
David Wheeler
P.S. Gas prices suck too.