Good question: Where is the money going

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    When I started reading Gary Hoover’s letter to the editor last week, I thought he was talking about Beamer Lane. We have also asked the road district to work on it but to no avail.

    My husband finally took our tractor and blade to try to fill in the potholes. It also was becoming a one-lane road. There was a little gravel put in the holes a while back, but that didn’t last long.
    When Beamer Lane was chip and sealed back in 2005, paid for by residents on Beamer Lane, the county said they would maintain it. That hasn’t happened but a few times in the past 17 years.
    It's not only Beamer Lane, Kitchen Road, and Lick Creek Road; it’s all county roads. Instead of going out driving around in new vehicles purchased with taxpayers’ money, get out and fix the roads.
    There is an election coming up in August and I know who I’m not voting for.
Linda Brennan