The St. James Streetscapes Committee offers businesses tips for keeping an attractive storefront

Business owners and employees should commit themselves to a 10 n 2 plan. Take 10 minutes every two weeks and remove any trash or weeds that customers might be able to see while going in or out of the business. 

What do your potential customers see?
• What does a customer see when they get out of their car? Are they greeted with weeds and trash that they possibly didn’t see when they were driving by and decided to stop? It’s not too late for them to choose another establishment if they see an unkempt mess before they get to the door. Business owners want customers to give you an A rating for their entire experience, not just when they come through the door.
• What do your customers see when they’re leaving? Stand at your front door and look out. Is there an unsightly trash pile across the street and that is the first thing they see when they go to leave? What that customer sees is the last impression they have of the area your business is in. Mess or overgrowth can feel unsafe after dark and can make them rethink coming back. Business owners want customers to not just have one good experience, but to continue coming back.
The Easy Fix — 10 n 2! Talk to employees and neighbors and suggest they do the same, possibly alternating weeks to share the work load. 
*Please do not trespass on private property or remove personal property that does not belong to you. StJ Streetscapes is not responsible for any misuse of the 10 N 2 plan and does not encourage trespassing of any kind.