New or old crooks?

    The time is fast approaching when we will either be sending a new bunch of crooks to Washington or sending the same bunch of crooks back to Washington. The reason I call them crooks is because all of their campaign ads say their opponent is either a crook or an idiot and I refuse to believe that anyone running for public office would knowingly lie about anything or anyone.

    Apparently none of them are true to their party. They are either Demopublicans or Republicrats. If these people are an incumbent why can’t they just give us their voting record and let us make up our own mind? If they are a challenger, why can’t they just tell us what they will try to do if elected and then if they don’t live up to their promises then we can vote them out.
    It goes without saying that America is in a mess. If we keep going like we are now, our enemies can just set back and wait for us to implode and then they can move in and take over without firing a shot. Before that happens God may look down and say, “That’s it, I am pulling the plug and I am bringing my children home and the rest of you can spend eternity in hell.”
    The politicians will be saying, “We helped destroy America, but more importantly, we never compromised and we saved the party” and John Q ordinary citizen will be saying “Saved it for what?” We could do away with every man-made law on the book and live strictly by the Ten Commandments and everything would be fine. Just remember they are commandments, not suggestions.
Ray Plank