We like Steve Black

    I encourage all those who are eligible to vote in the Republican primary election on August 2, as the outcome will determine the office holders for Crawford County.

    For years my good friend Art Hughes (a former presiding commissioner) and I have been very discouraged by the lack of leadership and managerial/executive skills shown by our commission. Potential candidates we found with the needed qualifications simply weren't willing to take on the huge task of repairing the dysfunction that has long prevailed in our courthouse.
    This year we were contacted by Steve Black of Cuba. Art and I both knew Steve but had no real sense of his character or abilities. To get to know him, we then spent many hours with him and his wife, Mary, at their kitchen table. We came to realize we had the person and candidate for the task at hand.
    Simply put, he is running because he believes our government from top to bottom is performing poorly. He has no axe to grind, or personal agendas. He believes change has to start locally—and now is the time for good people to step up and restore confidence in our government. Further, he is at that point in life where he has the time and resources to allow him to serve. He is not simply looking for a job and a paycheck.
    Steve's family has been in Crawford County for four generations and counting. He graduated from Cuba schools and spent his entire career employed by the city of Cuba. He rose through the ranks and ultimately became responsible for the entire treatment plant operation. This required working with many councils and mayors, multi-million dollar construction projects, budgets, and a stellar performance record with the state and federal EPA regulators. His wife is a long-time local banker and his sons are local professionals. This gives him knowledge of the challenges small businesses face.
    Steve runs as a fiscal conservative—spend taxpayer dollars as if they were his own hard-earned money. Further basic beliefs include: seek out the wisdom and experience of others, then think long and act deliberately on policy and spending decisions; be transparent in all county actions; and avoid such boondoggles as spending windfall funds ("COVID money") on seemingly dubious projects when Crawford County has so many unmet basic needs.
    Steve understands residents deserve roads that meet the minimal standard of not damaging our vehicles simply by driving on them. This will require working with the associate commissioners on resources, planning, prioritizing, training, and accountability. He is willing and able to do that.
    Steve also believes there are opportunities for economic development in Crawford County, and one key to that is promoting our superior high-speed internet availability that is, or soon will be, available throughout most of the county. Steve knows this is a proven draw for small- to medium-size business owners that we have all seen relocate to our area recently. Many of these people are a gold mine of knowledge and investment and we need to encourage this trend by providing good government and infrastructure. This results in more resources for all, including the county government, to improve everyone’s quality of life.
    Again, Art Hughes and I ask you to please vote on August 2 and strongly consider Steve Black for our new presiding commissioner.
    Any questions can be forwarded to Steve Black via his email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I would also be glad to answer any questions via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Kem Schwieder